SOPHIA is EKU’s smart automation cloud platform, which nears field operation to strategic technology management, enabling KPI based state monitoring to accelerate improvement process.

SOPHIA is constantly tracking and monitoring your equipment’s overall status and stratefic goals. Intelligent engine automation control enables you to gain maximum productivity per engine hour.

Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT)

Real-time reports and status updates directly from the operation.

Smart data logging

Smart data logging

Unleash invisible optimization potential

Digital twin

Digital twin

Realdata create real models

Hybrid cloud topology

Hybrid cloud topology

Develop a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs.

What it does?

Equipment Monitoring 24/7

  • Position tracking and at any time. Including with it moves
  • SOPHIA knows about your assets’ condition (state-of-health (SOH)) and capabilities
  • Access real time data from your cellphone or tablet on the go
  • Works on rural areas with limited or not internet connectivity

Hybrid Cloud & Compatibility

  • Dynamically re-configuring ad-hoc on-site cloud supports local collaboration using secured wireless networking (SOPHIA MESH)
  • Highly flexible and compressed data exchange among multiple internet-based cloud components
  • Ideal for low bandwidth / const intensive internet up-links in the field and enables offline performance optimization in the field
  • We support integration between SOPHIA and existing SCADA ecosystems and Protocols (CANOpen, J1939, RS485, Ethernet, OPC-UA and more)


  • Integrated messaging and issue tracking capabilities
  • Event triggered real-time data logging enables engineers to gain insights for troubleshooting
  • Efficient issue-based communication between operations, maintenance and management

Overall Strategy and Supervision

  • Global connectivity between field operations and headquarters by utilizing EKU’s SOPHIA cloud back-end and/or on-premise back-end solutions
  • Define a global strategy to control local recommendations
  • SOPHIA KPI reports inform you about your overall fleet operations performance
  • Monitor operation’s compliance to supervisory directions

Live Recommendations & Smart Reports

  • Gives Zero-latency live recommendations about how to utilize your equipment with the best trade-off of maximum efficiency, Productivity and wear & tear.
  • Event triggered real-time data logging enables engineers to gain insights for troubleshooting
  • Efficient Smart Logging stores relevant engineering data instead of clunky ‘Big Data’ data stockpiling
  • SOPHIA data service allows to efficiently store operations data for long-term reports and analysis

Ecological footprint and Energy Efficiency

  • Measure impact of changes in strategy and/or equipment in real-time
  • Provide updated KPI to proof your business’ efforts to minimize ecological footprint with SOPHIA-Widgets in your public Website.

How it works?

Do you want to participate in our Developer Partner Program?

Do you have an idea to implement in Sophia?

We are looking for companies that want to be involved in the development and construction of more functionalities for Sophia.  If you are interested, please contact us.


Going further than just a reporting system, Sophia will be capable of executing operational actions encapsulated into Business Strategies.

—Oscar Beltran