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Call on our customer training when you want to perform installations and maintenance on our EKU equipment. EKU´s quality training will help your team to understand clearly about the correct use, maintenance, and operation of the equipment. Giving you the assurance and flexibility to change and update the equipment at any moment without depending upon or paying third parties.
After training, you will be able to operate the equipment correctly, perform daily inspections and will have enough knowledge to complete the first level of troubleshooting.

ESC Service Package

Our premium service package allows our clients to be risk-free from any downtime during fracking operations. Although, our standard guarantee service includes 7/24 support for your requirements; the premium package will reduce our response time to half, and it will ensure 100% equipment reliability. The premium service comprises of:

Spare parts inventory

5% fleet size spare parts ready to dispatch, eliminating the spare parts procurement and paperwork efforts.

Warranty extension to 3 years

Extends the standard 1 year warranty to three 3 years.

Software updates

Obtain new functionalities and improvements so you can benefit from maintaining your software and having up to date features.

24/7 product remote support

Direct phone communication with the EKU engineering team.

Sophia Ready

This is the service offered directly through our servers. It requires an EKU product, and a permanent wireless or network connection to the Internet to send and receive instructions according to the strategies defined in the platform. These availabilities provide the following benefits:

  • An exact match between performance objectives and equipment use.
  • Dynamic equipment use based on operation strategies.
  • Big data collection for further use prediction and better operational knowledge.
  • Real-Time data collection

If you are interested in a quote to license and implement Sophia or our Sophia Developer Partner Program, please contact us

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Installation Services

The EKU team installs the ESC units on your fracking pumps. Our services are certified with the EKU seal of excellence, guaranteeing the ESC functionalities with your company infrastructure:

  • ESC installation in your company workshop
  • Functional and system testing on each unit
  • Quality assurance

ESC integration service

EKU integrates the ESC into your custom fracking pump. We create a customer specific requirement list after an intensive equipment analysis. Afterwards, EKU interdisciplinary competencies provide our customer hardware, electronic or software designs with the highest quality to assure a smooth integration. The integration service includes:

  • Requirements engineering
  • ESC digital mechanical integration
  • Electronics design for custom solutions
  • Software calibration or adaptation to custom solutions

Customer Training

EKU´s customer training includes the following training (minimum 5 participants):

  • ESC installation and maintenance
  • ESC operation with your equipment on load bench or on the field
  • Maintenance schedule checklists
  • First level troubleshooting

The training personnel will be EKU certified to operate and train the ESC users.


Our services are supported by a rigorous quality control process and utilize the latest methodologies in the market, assuring the perfect blend of quality and reliability.

— Leonardo Uriona