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Oil and Gas Value Proposition

EKU power drives is a technology company that pursues equipment flexibility by automating asset resources.

— Edward Eichstetter

What wins a Frac Service Provider?

Fuel cost is reduced by 10%

How much fuel is consumed during idle? Our measures show that at least 5 gallons per hour are wasted on non-productive operations.


Instead of performing 12 rounds of maintenance within a year, the ESC reduces the count to 9. Less maintenance requires less space, fewer moves, and less personnel.


  • Only use the tractor only for transportation purposes.
  • Save on tractor maintenance, filter change and equipment use. Now it is not necessary to use the tractor during operations.

Rebuild time less often

By using the engine only during operations, the budget is saved by extending the life of the equipment.

Eliminate PTO Additional elements

The ESC replaces the wet kit and truck battery for electric starters with an internal battery controller.

Cost Savings

Obtain significant increases in profitability by integrating multiple parameters into the operation efficiently. By reducing the NPT, savings are realized across the board.

  • Reduce fuel consumption of fuel.
  • Extend the useful life of the equipment
  • Eliminate the time lost in the operation
  • Accelerate the execution of maintenance.

The integrated process raises additional income, and immediately increase the profitability of your business.
You have the exact same team performing the same procedures. The key differentiator that sets this aside is the method in which it performs the activities.

NPT optimization and increased availability

One of the biggest challenges in the oil industry is achieving an increase in productivity without incurring drastic changes in procedures. Perfecting the operational processes in the extraction and stimulation of wells has become a focus of interest for service providers for this precise reason.
Situations such as NPT and equipment downgrades in an unscheduled manner can substantially affect the business and reduce the profits per well. Using our technology, achieving the perfect synchronization between use and production is now possible. We automate processes that were previously manually executed and do not have all the variables in the field. The focus of our team is in performance, energy efficiency, and increased profits.

Reduced time of maintenance

By shutting down the engine instead of idling it, your idle hours do not count as operating hours. This leaves you space to perform more pumping hours between maintenance.

Increase the speed of process and procedures

With sonic drain, you can empty transmission and engine oil faster.

Accelerate pump response

By controlling the equipment remotely, you can automate the process of starting and shutting down the engine.
ESC will take control of the engine behavior in the same way that a car stops the engine at a traffic light and then starts again when the throttle is pressed.


Using less of the equipment and producing for longer stretches of time is the ideal goal for any maintenance team. We have made it possible to eliminate the idle time along with unnecessary engine use between fracking stages.

Equipment productivity

Synchronize the pump time with the use of the engine. By only using the engine on pumping hours, the engine wear and tear, oil changes, and fuel consumption are only utilized for active stages.

What are the wins for an Operator?

Eliminate emissions between stages

No use of the equipment betting stages decreases pollution and vibrations. It also creates a better environment for employees to work in.

Reduce pump pad size by 35%

Less space on the Well Pad means less square meters required to operate. Increase your production per square meter by eliminating the need for a parked tractor on site idling.

Correct use of assets

Why use a tractor as a starter? Tractors are made for transportation and not for continual idle on site. This will free up a complete fleet, and makes use of it only when you need it, preserving the lifetime of these assets.

Achieve a non-stop 7/24 operation with less down time per stage.

Increase your availability indicator by extending the equipment use between maintenance and prolonging the life of the equipment.
Just 1 additional year of equipment use leads to one year more worth of use towards the budget for rebuild periods.

Achieve production efficiency and reduce environment pollution

Operators need to find innovations to increase production without incurring in large costs or altering the current infrastructure. When production can increase the amount of well-stimulated or use the equipment for longer times, without the need for constant preventive maintenance; the operator can then realize the increase in production and therefore in the overall profitability.

Additionally, reducing the production of emissions and noise caused by idling engines, are important factors to consider when talking to the community and reducing the CO2 footprint of the oilfields.

All operators will be able to demonstrate:

  • How the utilization of the same equipment and procedures enable the well to produce faster.
  • How to have environmental awareness without affecting the operation.
  • How energy awareness has led to the company reducing CO2 and noise emissions.
  • How eliminating the need for a tractor on site preserves the local road conditions.
  • How to increase business stream competitiveness, by making the SO more efficient.