Sophia is a cloud-based service platform that will allow fracking companies to identify and understand field activities whilst obtaining pump use recommendations. It will acquire real-time operational data and make strategical use recommendations.

The data-driven technology is capable of understanding actual use and final forecast results. According to the end result and the Strategy selected, Sophia recommends which pump to use, for how much time and the likelihood of accomplishing the strategic goal.

Going further than just a reporting system, Sophia will be capable of executing operational actions encapsulated into Business Strategies.

—Oscar Beltran

Data Driven Technology

Data Driven Technology

Real-time reports and status updates directly from the operation.

Internal Optimization Algorithm

Internal Optimization Algorithm

It recommends the optimal possible use of your fracking fleet.

Strategy Consultant Automatization

Strategy Consultant Automatization

A permanent Ops consultant who always knows what is happening in the field.

Cloud Platform Availability

Cloud Platform Availability

Develop a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs.

How does it work?


Capture engine information

Using wireless connectivity, the Sophia module can extract and send all the required information to the cloud. Storage is permanent into the cloud and using IoT (The Internet of Things) methodology; all the information will be saved into a unified and secure database.

Discover and analyze fleet Information

Automatically visualize real-time indicators from all fracking pumps in a unified window. Describe actions executed in the fracking unit profile. Easily observe warnings and alert activities performed historically.

Obtain pump use recommendations

According to the business plan, a company can choose one strategy for the fleet or define customized strategies to be executed. Using an array of rules, Sophia will recommend which unit to use, which ones to maintain and in which moment to change to another pump. You will see the percentage of advance for each indicator.

Review actions and activity reports

Analyze the results of the actions executed and archive fleet management control data. Record all additional activities performed in the unit, such as maintenance reports and a log of the spare parts used for maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a "Business Strategy"?
  • It is a group of predefined rules that measure variables according to a defined objective. For Example:
  • Equal use of all units: The system will balance the utilization of all pumps, maintaining the same working hours on all the equipment, regardless of the parameters of the operation that are in place.
  • Only two units in maintenance per month: Sophia will calculate the use tendency, and recommend which units to use. It assures that the pump schedule to maintenance has the most working time possible.
What does a recommendation mean?
  • Recommendations are alarm messages that can be delivered within the Sophia console or via email.
  • They suggest various actions to perform in the fracking pumps such as; “Use pump No.2”, “Stop using No.1 due maintenance schedule” or “No.3 is low, consider using it in the next stage”.
  • A warning message will appear to execute the action, but they are not mandatory to be executed.
Do I need wireless connectivity?
  • We recommend using wireless connectivity built in with all EKU equipment. However, if you decide to use a LAN connection, we support normal Ethernet communications as well.
Where is my information stored?
  • All of your information will be stored locally with a backup encrypted copy located within our cloud servers.
  • We understand the importance of data security and all communications will follow strict 256bit encryption and https protocols.

Do you want to participate in our Developer Partner Program?

Do you have an idea to implement in Sophia?

We are looking for companies that want to be involved in the development and construction of more functionalities for Sophia.  If you are interested, please contact us.